Meet the Team

Clients can depend on Levridge Resources consultants to be experienced Nonprofit leaders, executive level thinkers, with a proven track record of success.  We are thoughtful in chaos, energized by complexity, and can be “fearless truth tellers” when necessary.  We’re honest and transparent in our work, and have a keen appreciation of Nonprofit organizations.  We use Levridge Resources’ proven processes as well as the best national practices and conduct focused research  for each engagement.

We’re tireless in tackling problems and, we also hear from clients, they enjoy working with us! 

“I loved it!  You were knowledgeable, had great experience to bring to the table, and are well-known in the community.  You made the process far more enjoyable than it had any right to be.”   - Levridge “turnaround” client


“I liked that not only did Barbara keep things going, she also employed Levridge’s methods to kick the tires and do a fairly comprehensive business/operational assessment that served as an education for the board and also good insight for the new ED once hired.”
Julie K. Szeker
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel
Charlotte Radiology
Past Board Chair, Community School of the Arts


“…It’s important  to honor the vital contributions to the Council by Curt Walton, who graciously stepped in as interim executive director in January. His credibility with the community, professionalism and expert management allowed the crucial work of the Council to continue over the last seven months. Thank you, Curt, for your many contributions to the Council and to our community.  I also want to thank Kathy Ridge of Levridge Resources, who brought to us the opportunity to retain Curt as our interim executive director, and who has provided wise counsel during this transition to new senior leadership.”
Bruce M. Steen
McGuireWoods LLP
Past Board Chair, Council for Children’s Rights